Easy tips / remedies to make hair long and thick

Today we are going to tell you how to grow hair

By doing these measures, the hair becomes strong, long and thick and there is no problem of hair fal

But you need patience to do these remedi

chemical yokeesl.

Apply coconut oil mixed with lemon juice

You take coconut oil and add lemon juice to it and massage it well in the hair a few hours before washing the ha

and then wa

It gives good shine to hair shir.

Massage the head by mixing two spoons of olive oil in the egg.

Mix two spoons of olive oil in the egg and massage it. Hair grows from this 

Grind the onion and extract two spoons of its jui

Grind the onion and take out its juice and mix it with some oil.

You can use shampoo to remove the smell of onion, but do not wash too muc

Frequent shampooing also damages the hair




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